What comes next can be hard

As you age, or as your loved one ages, needs and priorities change.

Extra care and support might be necessary to help maintain a happy, healthy life.

We understand that choosing the right retirement or aged care living option is a big decision. And while you’re looking for a place that suits your unique needs, there are also complex financial and contractual concerns.

It can be overwhelming trying to understand it all, which is why we’re here to help.

We offer support every step of the way

Our team knows what options are available in your area, and we understand that a range of factors will determine what’s right for you.

We’ll begin by listening to what’s important to you and explaining how things will work. We can then recommend the best options to suit your needs and accompany you to view what’s available.

Once you’ve made a decision, we’ll help you complete any forms and assessments. We’re available to answer questions at any time, so you can make decisions that put your family at ease.

Talk to an accredited aged care professional

Our consultants are trained and accredited by Aged Care Steps or Kaplan.

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How a Home for Mum or Dad can help

Extensive options for senior living

We cover a broad range of retirement, home care and aged care facilities and services, so you can select the best option for your family.

No out-of-pocket cost for the initial consultation

We provide an initial consultation at no cost to you. You’ll get caring advice from an expert to help you confidently move forward.

Step-by-step guidance

We make things simple, providing support and advice to take you right through to moving day.

Round-the-clock availability

We understand that families sometimes need to make decisions fast, which is why we are always available for consultations outside of regular office hours.

Financial expertise & planning

Our team understands the complex financial matters involved in finding the right senior living option and can help you navigate financial implications.

Personal support you can count on

Get to know us at your discovery meeting and feel comfortable contacting us directly if you have questions or concerns.

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Get expert advice via our free initial consultation

Not in my wildest dreams did I think we could place Dad in such a facility

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