Loved ones and Dementia

Do you have a loved one With Dementia?

Back in 2016, Alzheimer’s Australia (Vic) launched the virtual reality smartphone app, EDIE (Educational Dementia Immersive Experience).

EDIE provides a first-hand 360-degree immersive virtual reality experience, through the eyes of someone with dementia.

Dementia Australia is now offering workshops (open to both to industry staff and the public) utilising EDIE. These workshops help you to view and empathise with the challenges of dementia whilst assisting you to provide a supportive plan for your loved one into the future.

If you are interested in an EDIE workshop for your workplace or wish to sign up for a workshop you can contact the Centre for Dementia Learning 1300 DEMENTIA (1300 336 3681300 336 368).

If you have a loved one with Dementia and are looking for an aged care home that provides support, security and compassion for your loved one, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at A Home for Mum or Dad on 1300 686 323 or complete the contact form (link to our contact page) on our website to speak to an accredited aged care professional for a no-obligation chat.

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