Finding & Moving into a Retirement Home Assistance 

Moving into a retirement home is not easy. As with any major move, transitioning from the home to a retirement space can be quite an ordeal. Are you looking to transition to assisted living but aren’t quite ready to give up your independence? We can assist you in finding the right option for a retirement home. Learn how we can help.

Communities that put lifestyle first

Retirement villages often suit people who are still living independently.

Moving into a retirement community can give you new lifestyle and social opportunities. There is a wide range of communities throughout Australia, giving you the ability to move to a place that best suits your interests and priorities.

Residents generally buy the right to live in a retirement village, usually under a lease or loan arrangement.

In a retirement village, you might get:

  • Unit, villa or house options
  • Independent living and self-care
  • Optional meals, house cleaning or laundry services
  • Optional personal care services
  • Lifestyle facilities and activities
  • Social and community events.

In Australia, residents buy the right to live in a retirement village. Contacts and costs will vary between communities.


Find the right place for your unique needs

Our team makes it easy for you to find the right residential aged care facility, even when you’re under pressure to make a fast decision.

We take the time to understand your situation and learn about what’s important to you. We consider what’s available in your local area and help you shortlist the best options. We’ll explain the advantages of each, then organise a time for you to view the facilities to make an informed decision.

Step-by-step to peace of mind


Discovery meeting

Shortlist of options


Visits and viewings

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